Me as my brand and a brand new site!

So after a rather long time of waiting, finally “my” domain name became free for me to use, giving me the possibility to re-brand my business and launch a new fresh site.

Thomas Ljungberg, Photo by Marcus Dagnell

Photo by Marcus Dagnell

Photography is creative work. It’s a sort of art and the final image will always reflect bits and pieces of the person behind the camera. How the photographer chooses to frame the image. What is included and what is excluded? What subject matters are selected? What kind of lighting is preferred and used? How are the final images processed to enhance the caught emotions?
All these are personal decisions reflecting the personality and vision of the photographer.

I want to be more personal, I want to show more of myself through my images and I want my brand to reflect more of me.
So therefore, from now on my brand will be me and my name will be my brand.

This site will not only be used to show images from my photography business. I will also use it to show images from my personal life, to display bits and pieces of what goes on close to me and makes me who I am. But it will always be centred around images!

My last name is made up of two Swedish words: “ljung” and “berg”. Ljung is the Swedish name for the purple heather/ling flower (Calluna vulgaris) which can be found widely around here. Berg is mountain in Swedish. Mountains in Sweden are not like high mountains in many other parts of the world. The high and barren landscape features of the Nordic fells, with their more soft, rounded and curved shapes, have been moulded by the continental glaciers grounding them down and shaping them during the last glacial period.

So for my new profile I drew a stylized silhouette of part of a mountain ridge in Laponia, Sweden and used a section of it for my logo. It resonates well with my name, my personality as well as my personal interest in nature and outdoor life.

Much of the content from my old site at Aurora Foto has been moved and the old site has been redirected here. The old site was bilingual, with most of the content presented in both Swedish and English. To simplify, I’ve decided to only go with English from now on. Most Swedes have no trouble understanding English.

I’ve included some new material and post, so take some time to browse threw my new arena.


Laponia mountain ridge

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  1. Ljungberg in Japanese is HanaYama. That was used when I traveled in Japan many years ago. Hanayama. Beautiful I think.

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