Lightroom Calendar Templates – 2015

Lightroom Calendar example. Photo: Alexandre BuisseInterested in printing your own calendars in Lightroom, using your own images?

Here are calendar templates that can be used in the print module of Lightroom to create calendars using your own images. They are available in jpg-versions (in 12 different languages) as well as a fully layered psd files that can be used to create your own unique calendar templates with different fonts, colors, etc (in any of the 12 languages).

The idea behind these were first described in a great article in 2011 by Matt Kloskowski at Lightroom Killer Tips: Lightroom Presets – Calendar Print Templates. See Matt’s post on onOne for American 2015 versions.

The original templates/presets are done by Ed Weaver and Matt wrote a very informative article on how to install and use the presets in Lightroom. Go and check it out!

ISO standard calendar templates and new ISO paper size presets

Ed’s original calendars were “American style” with weeks beginning on Sundays and only in English.

These templates are based on the ISO standard calendar, that is, weeks begins with Monday. I’ve also included week numbers according to ISO standards.

The below listed packages contain the calendar templates for 2015. Just download and use directly in Lightrooms print module using Ed’s print presets! For some additional (and ISO paper size) presets, see below.

Matt’s article gives great information on how to install and use the templates and presets!

Each package includes jpg-files that can be used directly in the presets described in Matt’s article (US sized presets). For ISO-sized paper presets, see further down…

Don’t like the font? Want a different colors in the templates? Want to make your own unique calendar templates?

Read on…

Lightroom Calendar example. Photo: Ursula I Abresch

The above calendars are examples of different customizations done with the layered template files. Text fonts, text size, text placements, background colors, more or less anything can be customized using Adobe Photoshop.

Get the fully layered psd-file! Each day, date, background color, etc is placed on a separate layer making it easy to change colors, font style, font size, etc to create your own calendar templates with your unique look.

Download fully layered calendar template psd file

Each text element (date, weekday, month, etc) is placed on separate layers making it possible to change font style and font size without the need to realign there positions. Modifications in the fully layered files require some basic Photoshop skills (working with layers, change of fonts, etc). The templates have been created in Photoshop CS5 and work in Photoshop CC as well.

The following font is used in the original template file: Geo Sans Light (may be needed to be installed separately).

I’ve posted a description on how to modify the calendar templates using the master psd-file.

Download the presets and templates, make your own unique template design if needed and print some beautiful calendars!!!

ISO paper size presets

I’ve also made some new Lightroom print presets for the ISO paper size A4. Both the two Ed provided in letter format (‘1 month’ and ‘Full Year’) as well as two additional. These are ‘1+2 month’ presets, showing a head month as well as previous and coming months (in smaller size). One is for vertical aligned images and one for horizontal.

Download Lightroom Calendar Print Presets (A4 paper size)!

Note that print margins are dependent on printer type, the presets might need adjustments to fit with the printer you are using.

The calendar templates follow the same size and aspect ratio as for the US-sized presets, so they work well with both the presets described in Matt’s article as well as the ISO-sized provided here.

Comments, questions or feedback? Please let me know by dropping a comment on the blog post on the 2015 calendar templates or writing a messege in the contact form!

Finally, many thanks to two great friends for letting me use some of their images in above examples:

  • Chamonix/France based photographer Alexandre Buisse, a great mountaineering and adventure photographer.
  • West Kootenays/British Columbia/Canada based Ursula I Abresch, an art photographer whose creativity and photographic eye always inspires.


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