Lightroom Calendar Templates for 2015

I have created calendar templates for Lightroom for a couple of years now, and each year I say to myself that I should start earlier, so they are available in good time for the coming year. Well, I’m late again and was reminded (again) by Matt Kloskowskis blog about Ed’s release of the American versions of the templats. Well here are my versions for 2015, now in 12 different languages (Catalán is new, thank you Alberto Quinto for the translated files!).

Calendar 2015 Examples

Sicily, Italy

So go ahead and download the free ready to use versions in any of 12 languages:

  • Catalán (new!)
  • Danish
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish (corrected version updated 2015-01-02)
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • English

Download the calendar templates and create your own 2015 calendars using Lightroom’s print module.

Or download the fully layered psd-file at above location and make your own templates. Change fonts, colors, etc using Adobe Photoshop.

More information regarding the Lightroom Calendar Templates, ‘ready to use’ as well as fully layered templates, the ISO sized Lightroom Print presets and how to use them.

More detailed instructions on how to modify the templates using data sets, etc.

2 thoughts

    • Hi Antonio,
      You are correct, I forgot to upload the new master psd file (I knew I would forget some step). It has now been corrected with the 2016 version.
      Thank you for the heads up!

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