Lightroom Calendar Templates for 2017

Once again long overdue, but I finally got around to prepare and fix the 2017 calendar calendar templates for Lightroom. No changes in the templates as such, they are still available in 12 different languages. As previous year, I included the three first months of 2018 in the 2017 packages. Some of you have requested this since you sometimes include upcoming months in your calendar designs.

I put this of way to long, it’s been a bunch of work of entering values for the dates and copying and pasting each year. I had forgot that last year I fixed my Excel-template to calculate all dates based on just one variable, the year. Hopefully I will remember that for next year to be able to deliver them much earlier. Don’t be shy to contact me and remind me to get them done!

Sunset - Sörfjärden, Hälsningland

Sunset – Sörfjärden, Hälsningland

So go ahead and download the free ready to use versions in any of 12 languages:

  • Catalán
  • Danish
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • English

Download the calendar templates and create your own 2017 calendars using Lightroom’s print module.

Or download the fully layered psd-file at above location and make your own templates. Change fonts, colors, etc using Adobe Photoshop.

More information regarding the Lightroom Calendar Templates, ‘ready to use’ as well as fully layered templates, the ISO sized Lightroom Print presets and how to use them.

More detailed instructions on how to modify the templates using data sets, etc.

6 thoughts

  1. Hey! I’m the first one! :-) I just wanted to say THANK YOU one more year for your generous work. You’re the closest thing to a real Santa Claus I’ve ever known about!
    Merry Christmas and thank you! :-)

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  3. Thomas,

    sólo unas palabras para darte las gracias por el maravilloso trabajo que haces cada año.
    Te agradezco vivamente la posibilidad de descargar las plantillas ya que ahorran mucho trabajo.
    Enhorabuena!! y Feliz Navidad

    Antonio Rodríguez

  4. Thank you Thomas for the templates. Thanks to you I can create my personalized calendar. I feel like an artist who shows her works in an art gallery and at the same time I can see the important dates of several countries in a single calendar, I am Spanish, my girlfriend is Swedish, she works in Swiss, but we both live in France.

  5. Hi Thomas,
    Once again, I want to thank you to share these templates with everyone. Your work is appreciated and now it’s easier to create our own calendar.
    Regards and Merry Christmas!

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